Mossamat Rizia

Rizia, A warrior in her life who is left by her children and serving OPORAJEO to find the peace of a motherly feeling among all the staff.

Spouse: Md Abdul Majid

Mother: Late Majida Begum

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Sumi Akhter

A mother who works in OPORAJEO because she wants to contribute her money to give the proper education to her children. She knows that only education can change the future of her children.

Spouse: Md. Rana Mia

Mother: Jaida Begum

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Jannatul Nesa

Mossamat Jannatun Nessa

Nahar, An operator who likes to contribute to her family and help her husband to make a better future for her two children.

Father: Md. Toffazal Hossain

Mother: Mossamat Zaida Begum

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Md Rana

Rana, A young operator in Technical area in OPORAJEO whose prime goal is to give proper education to his children and start a small company on his own.

Father: Md Abul Bashar

Mother: Mahfuza

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Mossamat Fahima

Mossamat Fahima and her husband Md. Bashar both serving OPORAJEO and they treat this organization as a family. They also try to recruit and convince other people to join us by sharing their story about how OPORAJEO change their life.

Spouse: Md. Bashar

Mother: Mossamat Halima Begum

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Johora Begum

Mossamat Johura Begum

Johura Begum, A housewife come helper in our OPORAJEO who wants to buy some land to build her own firm. She wants to give proper education to her two daughters so that they can live a happy life in the future.

Spouse: Md. Majedul Islam

Mother: Mossamat Jomela Bibi

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Respected Komol Vai in our OPORAJEO who cleans our garments garbage so that we can start our working in the morning with a clean and fresh mind.

Father: Karfulal

Mother: Maya Rani

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Md. Amir Hossain

Amir Hossain a person who starts his daily life with a disadvantage of his feet. He is not able to walk properly for his illness but every day he tries to run and try to finish the race of life. He is the eldest earner in his family, and He is the most prominent and sincere workers in our OPORAJEO.His goal is to build a farm which can improve his life both economically and socially.

Father: Md. Abdur Rahman

Mother: Mossamat Anowar Begum

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Mossamat Masuma

A dreamer who comes to OPORAJEO daily with a dream that her three daughters will become doctor someday. She works in a peaceful mind to find peace in her life. OPORAJEO is proud of her.

Spouse: Md. Jahangir Hossain

Mother: Mossamat Nasima

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Momota Rani

Momota Rani a skilled helper who joined OPORAJEO with the intention to help her Spouse who is a rickshaw puller in Dhaka city. At present, She along with her son works here and save money for the family and dreams to have a better future.

Spouse: Prodip Sarkar

Mother: Nilmoni

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