The global market of jute and leather products is undergoing constant change in terms of demand and supplies. The recent destruction of Covid-19, the biggest pandemic in over 100 years has shaken the global economy. This also has its impact on the market of RMG, jute and leather. To tackle such a state, companies have to be diversified so that they can cope with the trends and demands of the current and future market. Oporajeo, although a relatively new factory, successfully managed to recover from the loss in this pandemic. Research and hard work are two key simple points behind the success of the company. The company introduced leather products (leather bags, leather accessories etc.) with its specialty, jute products (jute bags, jute baskets etc.) as a coping mechanism with recent trends. It expresses the skill of management and flexibility of Oporajeo, and the trend of diversification with the touch of upgrading, this eco-friendly company promises to develop more in the future.