Global Warming- the problem tops the chart of all problems in the world. A simple step of unawareness about this problem can put the world in a hazardous situation. The problem is increasing rapidly due to unethical practices and lack of awareness among the industries. Oporajeo acknowledges the terrible future awaiting us if the environment is not nurtured enough. Oporajeo is an exceptional and emerging business that operates following Green Supply Chain Management (GSCM). Eco friendly, Oporajeo uses the word to express its approach towards a healthy, sustainable, and environment-friendly option. Already, the aspects of the supply chain have been formed according to GSCM. The workers enjoy a safe and healthy environment with zero pollution in the workplace. The supplies are collected through natural means. Also during production, no harmful chemicals for the workers and the environment are used. Oporajeo produces jute and leather based products. And the company follows a proper waste management system so that the pollution and subtracts from production are purified into the environment. Oporajeo has been continuously working to increase the quality of its products and successful in having an eco friendly solution.