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Shongkolon Pathshala is a multipurpose school project of Shongkolon Bangladesh which was established on January 15, 2014. This multipurpose school caters free of cost education needs of children affected by the Rana Plaza disaster, but children from other worker classes are also welcome. We call it a multipurpose school because we will also incorporate elder education in evening shifts and arrange awareness seminars and sessions, for the social well-being of the victims as well as the community. So far we have enrolled 245 students and we are confident that this project can provide immense opportunities for the youth, and help them grow into powerful, productive and dynamic future leaders of Bangladesh.

Some basic objectives of the school are mentioned here for clarity:
  • Providing general education to the students in a non-traditional way by highly qualified teachers
  • Introducing them with latest technology through computer lab and internet facility by IT Specialist.
  • Enlightening their inner sense and forming the habit of reading literature by providing library facility and arranging study-circles.
  • Creating the sense of sustainable development among them by introducing them with farming and recycling process through establishing organic farm.
  • Nurturing their human qualities and preparing them to fight for their rights by organizing various child-friendly psychological seminars.
  • Nurture human qualities by engaging the children to various cultural activities from the very beginning.
  • Raising awareness about woman empowerment, gender equality, domestic violence, health and sanitation, safety at workplace etc by organizing workshops regularly.
  • Building awareness about the importance of education by initiating adult education program by trained experts.

The school has been permitted by local authority; Primary Thana Education Officer. Local administration has also permitted the use of land and other infrastructures for establishing the school. We are happy to announce it is an acre land has been rented from a local landowner for school in the year 2014. A Double storied building consisting 12 rooms has been constructed and we are accommodate two hundred and forty five students at Single shift now. We hope next year we can expand our school at 8 standards successfully. In the 2017 year school will enable to arrange their SSC examination hopefully.

We are committed to arrange high quality education, cultural program and other curriculum activities such as introduce them (student) about nature, aware them about child abuse in the school.

Besides general education students will have access to the internet as a computer lab along with a library will be set up by the month March of this year. The educational system will be general but the process will be non-traditional and effectively designed. Highly qualified teachers have been hired for the school along with some regular teachers. The IT lab will be operated by a specialist. Various skill development training sessions for kids conducted by child specialists will be arranged randomly.
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+880 1916 809693
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