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“Sponsor A Child” From-Shongkolon Bangladesh


With 145 mischievous children, we started our journey in 2014. Now after tow years of our journey, we have a total of 245 children on our school. that would not be possible without the heartfelt support of our well-wishers, friends, and sponsors.

Your contribution of BDT 1500 (USD 20/GBP 18) per month, per child, will cover all necessary education costs for the sponsored child(ren), i.e., tuition, books, stationery, school bags, and monthly health check-ups.

Please use this form for sponsorship: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GDPH_9PNE9oT_MXOOMvdYI7JcLJzGv5PZod8mKckzOI

Contact Us

+880 1916 809693

House-C/4, City lane, Anandapur
Savar, Dhaka-1340, Bangladesh.

C4, City Lane, Anandapur
Savar, Dhaka

+880 1916 809693
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