R&D stands for Research and Development. Oporajeo believes that a strong R&D team can help a company improve significantly and stay relevant in an ever changing world. As R&D identifies the weakness and finds ways to develop, it is of utmost necessity for every established company to own a quality R&D team. Oporajeo Limited owns and boasts of its in-house R&D team. Since 2019, the team has been working for this company and has produced outstanding results. The team has worked on product quality, technology, supplies, and design. The poster production of Oporajeo, Jute, Jute bags, and other Jute products have been made more polished as per the international standards. The design and the longevity of goods have upgraded over time.

Now, the jute bag production has more unique designs to offer. The upgradation of these products was possible because of the efforts of its R&D team. Oporajeo is already popular for its jute based products, but the company wants to expand in leather goods production. And to achieve the goal of its expansion in leather the R&D team has been playing a vital role. As the goal of this company is to deliver the best product at the cheapest rate possible, the R&D team continues to work on upgrading the quality and design of all products. Currently, buyers from European countries such as France, Germany, UK, and Italy, other buyers from the USA and Japan have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of products from Oporajeo.